>> Type '?' for a list of commands, 'help' for more detailed help.
>> OK show
>> LINES=24
>> boot_serial=1
>> console=userboot
>> currdev=zfs:repository:
>> interpret=OK
>> loaddev=zfs:repository:
>> prompt=${interpret}
>> rootdev=disk0p2
>> smbios.bios.vendor=BHYVE
>> OK
> How about if you set loaddev to disk0p2, and see if that allows a boot ?

“loaddev" seems to be a read only property… :(

> Another solution, though not pretty, is to build a version of userboot that 
> doesn't have ZFS enabled. Modify sys/boot/userboot/userboot/Makefile and 
> remove the MK_ZFS section, and copy userboot.so from the build to 
> /boot/userboot.so and the host. This should give you back the behaviour from 
> 10.0.

OK, I had no sources to compile so I did a very bad thing and I know I’ll go in 
hell for this but…

I copied userboot.so from another FreeBSD 10.0 machine and substituted 
/boot/userboot.so from the host. Restarted the VM and it worked like a charm.

You’re going to fix this before 10.1 final, RIGHT?? :-)

Do you think this modification may result in a non-booting host machine?
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