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On 11/29/14, 5:28 PM, Craig Rodrigues wrote:
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> also look at the following: (a little dated)
> http://p4web.freebsd.org/@md=d&cd=//depot/projects/vimage/&cdf=//depot/projects/vimage/porting_to_vimage.txt&c=tO0@//depot/projects/vimage/porting_to_vimage.txt?ac=22

This is a useful document. I put it on the wiki: https://wiki.freebsd.org/VIMAGE/porting-to-vimage

Thanks.. wow, did I actually know ALL that only 5 years ago?
Scary. probbaly worth having someone who is currently active and up to date look at it to see if it's all still correct..
especially the module load/unload stuff.


On a slight tangent. I ran VIMAGE kernels vs. non VIMAGE kernels for both a VANILLA kernel and a PF kernel (PF on but no rules) as a quick smoke test today. The raw forwarding performance was unchanged between kernels with and without VIMAGE on a 10G based system in the Sentex lab (lion1). I will be doing a bit more work in this area and will then put up some results in my
netperf github repo.

The tests are easy enough to run if you have 3 systems, and Conductor installed. The source, sink
and dut config files are all there to be updated and tried.

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