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> also look at the following: (a little dated)
> http://p4web.freebsd.org/@md=d&cd=//depot/projects/vimage/&cdf=//depot/projects/vimage/porting_to_vimage.txt&c=tO0@//depot/projects/vimage/porting_to_vimage.txt?ac=22

This is a useful document. I put it on the wiki: https://wiki.freebsd.org/VIMAGE/porting-to-vimage

Thanks.. wow, did I actually know ALL that only 5 years ago?
Scary. probbaly worth having someone who is currently active and up to date look at it to see if it's all still correct..
especially the module load/unload stuff.


On a slight tangent. I ran VIMAGE kernels vs. non VIMAGE kernels for both a VANILLA kernel and a PF kernel (PF on but no rules) as a quick smoke test today. The raw forwarding performance was unchanged between kernels with and without VIMAGE on a 10G based system in the Sentex lab (lion1). I will be doing a bit more work in this area and will then put up some results in my
netperf github repo.

The tests are easy enough to run if you have 3 systems, and Conductor installed. The source, sink
and dut config files are all there to be updated and tried.


the interesting benchmarks are if you have multiple sessions and spread them across multiple vimage jails, and compare that with the same number of sessions crowded onto a single machine..

lock contention goes down of course so things can actually get faster.

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