John-Mark Gurney wrote this message on Wed, Dec 03, 2014 at 10:50 -0800:
> I also just did a diff between the amd64 and i386 /boot dir, and besides
> the expected, boot blocks and loader differing, the only differences are
> if_faith_load got removed and ata and apm hints are now present..

Don't know how my diff missed loader.rc missing, but it did...

So, after some investigation, it appears that loader.rc and friends
weren't installed, though loader and many other things were... I
believe I have run into this issue before multiple times, but didn't
know what was the problem, and a new installworld fixed the issue...

So, there is an issue w/ our installworld, but tracking it down will
probably be hard.. I've had this happen on both local UFS, and NFS
backed by ZFS...  It could be related to the fact that bmake doesn't
always error out when an error occurs (reported), and so it appears
that installworld completes successfully, but doesn't...

Also, I was able to reliably reproduce (in different locations) a
failure in installing tests that failed w/ a permission denied...

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