For my OpenBSD guests, I just re-direct the grub-bhyve output to
/dev/null while feeding in my step-through configuration for

If I know how grub-bhyve is going to behave, I don't really need to
see what is happening at that level and just hook bhyve to nmdm.

On 9 February 2015 at 01:53, Willem Jan Withagen <> wrote:
> On 8-2-2015 2:35, Allan Jude wrote:
>> On 2015-02-07 20:04, Willem Jan Withagen wrote:
>>> Hi (Peter),
>>> I'm trying to run grub-bhyve completely automated but when I run my
>>> version of like
>>>      ../bin/bhyve-run -f /usr/local/etc/ezbhyve/Ubuntu1204A/rc.conf &
>>> Thegrub-bhyve loader waits for me to forground it again, because it
>>> wants to write to the output. Probably this is due to the use of curses,
>>> which only continues if it is actually connected to the foreground.
>>> ====
>>> + /usr/local/sbin/grub-bhyve -e -vvv -r hd0,msdos1 -m ./
>>> -M 2048M ubuntu-12.04.1
>>> [2]  + Suspended (tty output)        ../bin/bhyve-run -f
>>> /usr/local/etc/ezbhyve/Ubuntu1204A/rc.conf
>>> ====
>>> Is it possible on the commandline to get grub-bhyve to continue
>>> regardless the backgrounded state?
>> In newer versions of the bhyve loader, you can redirect the output to a
>> nmdm (null modem) device, so it can run unattended
> bhyveloader does work like this. And even if there is nobody to listen
> to the loader, things to continue. It just takes 10 sec.
> But once in a while I have trouble getting grub-bhyve to act the same.
> If I connect it to a nmdm-device it just waits for me to connect.
> And if I do not specify a device, it is nog possible to run it in the
> background.
> A inbetween sulution at the moment is to run grub-bhyve -c /dev/null.
> That continues, dus does not offer the possibility to interfere in the
> boot process. At least not for my ubuntu-12.04 VMs.
> So a flag with grub-bhyve to not require a forground process, or even
> better: ignore flowcontrol on the -c device, would be nice.
> --WjW
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