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From: Stacey Pellegrino <>
Date: 7 April 2015 at 13:04
Subject: Bhyve port to Gentoo Linux/FreeBSD and support for AMD64 with PCI
pass through...
To: bsd <>, recruiters <>, "Justin
(jlec)" <>, Javier Villavicencio <>,

Hey folks,

Can someone provide me (or forward onto the relevant person/team) an update
on the Bhyve development? I have been trying ever so hard to find out about
the latest AMD Catalyst graphics drivers for FreeBSD (rumours on the
internet that they exist and/or are in development) so that I can run
multiple displays from my Sapphire Radeon R9 290X. It could still be
possible to use this graphics card with FreeBSD 10.1 by means of PCI pass
through with Bhyve, although (as I found out with extensive testing with
Xen) it is Intel processor favored and supported. When is AMD64 support
coming up to the level of development that Intel processors are getting?
When will Windows and Mac OS X Snow Leopard onwards be supported? Are
installations headless and require something like VNC? Is someone working
on a port of Bhyve to Gentoo Linux and also Gentoo FreeBSD too?

As always, thoughts/comments most welcome.

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