Thanks for the response Peter. Please email me and/or put me on a mailing
list when AMD PCI passthru is supported as this would be much needed for my
existing hardware investment and currently unusable graphics card on
FreeBSD. Thanks.

On 7 April 2015 at 22:58, Peter Grehan <> wrote:

> Hi Stacey,
>  Can someone provide me (or forward onto the relevant person/team) an
>> update
>> on the Bhyve development? I have been trying ever so hard to find out
>> about
>> the latest AMD Catalyst graphics drivers for FreeBSD (rumours on the
>> internet that they exist and/or are in development) so that I can run
>> multiple displays from my Sapphire Radeon R9 290X. It could still be
>> possible to use this graphics card with FreeBSD 10.1 by means of PCI pass
>> through with Bhyve, although (as I found out with extensive testing with
>> Xen) it is Intel processor favored and supported. When is AMD64 support
>> coming up to the level of development that Intel processors are getting?
>  AMD processor support in bhyve is almost at the level of Intel processor
> support, with one notable gap being the lack of IOMMU support which is
> required for PCI passthru.
>  When will Windows and Mac OS X Snow Leopard onwards be supported?
>  Windows is (slowly) being worked on. Nothing is happening with OSX to my
> knowledge.
>  Are installations headless and require something like VNC?
>  Installations are currently via the guest's serial console.
> later,
> Peter.
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