Couple months ago I started writing a bhyve management tool in C for our 
startup, in preparation for migration to FreeBSD for our servers. The 
goal was to be able to create, drop, and auto-start/stop/restart VMs, 
individually or all at once, and provide a plugin infrastructure to 
expose some metrics / errors for reporting and aggregation. More 
importantly it would detect errors/failures, report them and attempt to 
restart the VM per assigned policy.

The effort stalled due to some high priority work that crept in.
However, I am planning on restarting soon and wanted to check if there 
was a need for something like this.  I ran across Michael Dexter's vmrc,
and although its shell based, it does provide quite a bit of features 
that we were looking for.  There's also iohyve. And I heard Peter and 
Neel are working on something as well. If there is interest, this would 
be open sourced from the start. Or if there is an existing effort 
that addresses these problems, I would love to contribute to that project.

Thoughts, comments, concerns, please share.


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