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Couple months ago I started writing a bhyve management tool in C for
our startup, in preparation for migration to FreeBSD for our servers.
The goal was to be able to create, drop, and auto-start/stop/restart
VMs, individually or all at once, and provide a plugin infrastructure
to expose some metrics / errors for reporting and aggregation. More
importantly it would detect errors/failures, report them and attempt
to restart the VM per assigned policy.

The effort stalled due to some high priority work that crept in.
However, I am planning on restarting soon and wanted to check if there
was a need for something like this.  I ran across Michael Dexter's
vmrc, and although its shell based, it does provide quite a bit of
features that we were looking for.  There's also iohyve. And I heard
Peter and Neel are working on something as well. If there is interest,
this would be open sourced from the start. Or if there is an existing
effort that addresses these problems, I would love to contribute to that project.

Thoughts, comments, concerns, please share.

vm-bhyve is most mature to this point IME, just don't use the ports version.


Thanks Adam :)

I could do with updating the port. Unfortunately this is my first
porting experience so not exactly sure of the 'correct' channel to go
through to get things updated. It took 2 months for my original port
request to be addressed and I'm not sure re-opening that bug is the
right way to do it.

If anyone uses the port, the error that gets printed when running 'vm
init' can be completely ignored. It's just trying to load any existing
virtual switches from the switch configuration file, and complaining
that the switch configuration file doesn't exist. Apart from that and
a few newer features/tweaks, I don't think there's anything
particularly show-stopping about the current port/package if people
prefer installing it that way to downloading from GitHub.

Of course it would still be interesting to see a "real" bhyve
management tool (possibly even an official one) written in C.

to update an existing port, create a PR with the patch to update it, and then wait. If a committer doesn't grab it within a reasonable time, post to freebsd-ports to get their attention.

Do run poudriere testport and provide the output.

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