On 19/11/15 12:20 PM, John wrote:
> Hello list,
> What's the best way of increasing the space of a bhyve guest instance?
> Would it be via growfs? Inside or outside of the vm? Or would it be
> better to truncate another chunk of space and refer to it in /etc/fstab?
> thanks,

Hello John,

-       Do you use virtio-blk (a file created with 'truncate') or ahci-hd (A
ZFS filesystem, for example) for your guest disk? You have to increase
the space of the virtual disk that bhyve uses.
        - If you used 'truncate', my guess is that you can use truncate to
create a new file of larger size. Then, boot into a livecd in bhyve with
both disks and do a 'dd' from one disk to the other. I have tried to
'dd' between files on the host but that didn't seem to work.
        - If it is a ZFS filesystem, create a new filesystem with 'zfs create
-V 50gb zroot/new-volume/' then use a 'zfs send ... | zfs receive ...'

-       Are these FreeBSD guests (and which filesystem - UFS or ZFS) or Linux
        - If these are FreeBSD guests running UFS, look at
        - If these are FreeBSD guests running ZFS, you can probably create the
filesystems on your new disk and then use zfs send & receive
        - If these are linux guests, you will have to use a livecd and
something like 'gpart'.


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