Matt Churchyard via freebsd-virtualization wrote this message on Wed, Nov 25, 
2015 at 10:18 +0000:
> Of course that's the easy bit. The more dangerous part is resizing the 
> partitions inside the guest (if it's not whole disk ZFS), and then resizing 
> the filesystems. If the disk is GPT partitioned in the guest you will 
> probably have to recover the partition table first, as the secondary copy 
> will no longer exist at the end of the disk. You'll then need to resize the 
> partitions (hopefully the 'main' partition you want to resize is the last on 
> the disk as that'll probably make it easier). Once done you then need to 
> resize the filesystem. For ZFS you can usually just 'zpool online -e'. For 
> UFS you'll need to grow the filesystem as shown in the handbook.

I have written an rc.d script growfs that is in HEAD that makes this
painless...  If you have a single UFS fs, w/ the root as the last
partition/fs on the disk, simply grow the disk, and then you can run
"service growfs start", and it just works...

This will work on any system, not just VMs...

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