I am running 10.2 Release.


I am running pfsense as a guest of bhyve.  Using passthru, pfsense is given
2 nics.  I wish to run the vm headless.


I have written a rc script and can use the script to manually control the vm
or enable it to run at bootup.


The problem is that I can't get both the guest and host to run at boot.  If
vm is enabled, bootup hangs once bhyve is called.  In this scenario I can
ssh into pfsense but not into the host.  If I halt the vm the host will
finally continue to boot.


When controlled manually the same thing happens, however I can then open
another shell to provide host control. 



bhyveload -m 4G -c /dev/nmdm0A -d /directory/to/boot/disk name

bhyve -c 2 -m 4G -A -H -P             \

                -s 0,hostbridge                  \

                -s 1,lpc                                  \

                -s n,others                          \

                -l com1, /dev/nmdm0A \



Any ideas?  I think I have a problem in /etc/ttys on either the host or vm.





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