I'm working on virtio-9p (so-called VirtFS) support in bhyve. Project consists 
of two parts: BSD-licensed lib9p library and actual virtio-9p driver. Right now 
it's able to do filesystem passthrough using 9P2000.u protocol to Linux guests.

You can check it out here: https://github.com/jceel/freebsd/tree/virtfs

bhyve side: append `-s <n>,virtio-9p,sharename=/host/path`
linux side: `mount -t 9p -o trans=virtio -o version=9p2000.u sharename 

Using 9p as root filesystem for Linux guests should work too.

- Definitely in-kernel 9pfs filesystem support for FreeBSD guests using same 
lib9p library
- 9P2000.L support (adds ACLs, extattrs, file locks, atomic reads/writes and so 
- Filesystem backend using AIO
- Ability to export multiple trees for different "aname" values using one 
virtio-9p device (that's actually a low-hanging fruit)

I'm looking forward to your feedback - keep in mind that's totally 
experimental/incomplete/nonworking code.

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