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  In https://reviews.freebsd.org/D5473#117324, @mav wrote:
  > It was definitely significant amount of work, but I am not sure what 
motivation was behind it.  Why do we need it after already having much more 
featured AHCI-based ATA/ATAPI emulation? Are there any significant OS not 
supporting AHCI? There is significant amount of code duplication between 
implementations, plus this one obviously requires more work to be complete.
  The motivation is to run older versions of operating systems such as FreeBSD 
4 which does not have AHCI drivers.
  What do you mean by code duplication ? I think only the ATAPI CDROM logic 
could be common but the current implementation from AHCI can not be used with 
the ATA data strcutures. If we want to achive this, I think a redesign of AHCI 
ATAPI is required too.



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