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  In https://reviews.freebsd.org/D5473#151356, @editor_callfortesting.org wrote:
  > Support for FreeBSD 6 and older, even if for historical/academic purposes, 
is a topic that keeps coming up. Legacy systems come in all shapes and sizes 
and I can think of at least one point-of-sale vendor that spans generations of 
FreeBSD and other Unix systems.
  > Is this code in a usable state?
  > I think making it easy for the various interested parties to use it would 
better drive its direction.
  > FYI: You can also use my account 'dexter' on this system.
  Yes, this code is in a usable state. I have tested both the ata-hd and atapi 
features with the ATA Legacy FreeBSD guest driver. It might be a good idea to 
test it with other guest though, an older Linux distribution maybe. I will test 
it after I finish with the GSOC project.



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