I've written this post to the freebsd-hackers@ mailing list, but I think it 
belongs here better. While I appreciate it's very short before the GSOC 
application deadline, I'd like to ask how the resonance to such a proposal 
would be, and how the chances to finding a mentor for that project stand.

Fabian Freyer
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First of all, I would like to introduce myself:
My name is Fabian Freyer, I am a physics student at the TU Berlin where
I have been working as a FreeBSD Sysadmin for about 3 years.
I am fluent in C and python and am interested in OS development; in fact
I have been working on a toy operating system and boot loader as a side
project for a while now. I enjoy playing CTFs and am working on my
skills at reading and writing x86, amd64 and arm assembly.
I have not yet participated in a GSOC due to other projects, but would
like to participate this year.

I started using bhyve with libvirt around a year ago to play around
with, and have been using it as my main supervisor on server and
development systems since; especially the debugging interface has proven
useful to me on many occasions. I could imagine working on one or more
of the following projects, since these are all features I would like to
see in bhyve:
1) Implementing suspend / resume / snapshot behaviour for bhyve vm's
2) Going further from 1) implementing porcelain for migrating
zvol-backed bhyve guests using zfs-send and moving state between hypervisors
3) Working on better libvirt support for bhyve.

However, I haven't yet had much contact with hypervisor code. I have
started looking into SimpleVisor [1] and the usr.sbin/bhyve/ source.
I would greatly appreciate some guidance in that direction.

Fabian Freyer

[1] - https://github.com/ionescu007/SimpleVisor

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