Hi Mike,

- Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 installs and runs in graphical mode flawlessly.

 Have you had any issues with the XHCI mouse on 8/8.1 ?

- I was able to graphically Restore/Reconfigure a Acronis Windows-Backup
into a Bhyve instance
  using the Acronis Restore-CD (Converting a BIOS Win8.1 to UEFI Win8.1)

 Very nice !

- Only vnclient from FreeBSD can connect to the bhyve VNC Server.
  I havn't found any vncviewer running on Windows which where able to
work (tried UltraVNC, RealVNC, ...)

Some VNC clients refuse to connect when only null-auth is advertized by the server. There is a patch to bhyve to support VNC password-auth, which may fix the issue with these clients.

- in VNC only most basic Keys work most special characters like (*\@)
(and of course no german localization)
  but at least a usual US-kbd would be helpful.
  (Is there a way to debug the keystrokes or duplicate a localized VNC
kbd from some VNC server)

Nothing outside of modifying the source, but it seems useful enough to add a parameter for this.

- For the SAP-Systems it seems that only 4 disks get used when the disk
type is virtio-blk.
  (Is this intentionally or a feature of vm-bhyve? How to provide more

I'll let Matt comment on that. There's no limitation with guests that support MSI interrupts for adapters. Unfortunately, Windows guests require legacy interrupts for the AHCI controller, which is where the restriction originates.

- It seems to miss a way to add an ISO CD/DVD without booting from it

There is work ongoing to support UEFI NVVARs, which mostly fix the boot-device selection issues.

  Also ISO's seem to miss a hot-plug feature (f.e. for inserting driver
CD's after installation.

 Yes, also not there.

Some additional questions:
- Can one over-provisioning/ballooning guest memory's ?

Over-provisioning is fine - bhyve guest memory is backed by swap by default. There is currently no balloon driver backend in bhyve.

- Is it (speed-wise) better to use ZFS-zvol's or files in regular

 I think that is workload-dependent.

- Are the virtio-blk or ahci-hd disks having the same overhead?

 No - virtio-blk should be better.

- Can ahci-hd be used paravirtualized in Centos?

Not quite sure what you mean here: virtio-blk is the paravirtualized disk interface, and it works fine with Centos.



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