--- Comment #31 from Terrence Koeman <> ---
Okay, I looked at the changes to hyper-v files in the window, then I tested a
candidate and this change seems to have introduced the bug:

10-STABLE r304580 works fine and r304581 and up does not.

Could someone more knowledgeable tell me how to work around this problem? Can I
just use the most recent revision of 10-STABLE and only revert the files in
sys/dev/hyperv/storvsc (that were changed in r304581) back to 304580? Or are
there more files that I should also revert to make it work?

I need a HardenedBSD 10-STABLE running in h-v tomorrow, so I'm hoping I can
just fiddle a bit with the files and get it working until a fix is committed.

Removing the MS update on the host would be more of a pain unfortunately.


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