I am exploring various possibilities for hard real time machine control
running on dedicated x64 processors. 

The Linux Jailhouse ( project is one
means of implementing an AMP solution for x64. Does bhyve offers similar

In this case the guest can be viewed as a single threaded for(;;) loop that
polls the USB3 controller, with the guest locked to a single core etc.
(Practically, effectively I think, a subset of the ELF loader code in the
fork here:

The key question, I think, revolves around PCI passthru capabilities. Is it
possible to isolate and map specific hardware into the guest whilst running
under the hypervisor? In this case it would be highly advantageous _not_ to
virtualize the XHCI controller but I am not sure if this can be done within

I may be way off base here in which case I'll beg your collective
indulgence. Any comments on this much appreciated.



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