Hi Randy,

I've followed the info provided here https://wiki.freebsd.org/bhyve/Windows
to create a Windows Server 2012 image that I successfully installed on the
bhyve hypervisor. After getting a working Win2012 image running, applying
updates, etc. I attempted to install SQL Server 2014. In the late stages of
that install, the process attempts to start the SQL server engine and fails.

There have been some reports of this previously. What might be happening is that SQL Server has stricter requirements on the underlying block size than NTFS itself has.

Since you are using a file-backed image, the reported block size from the emulated storage controller may be 8KB or even higher, depending on the underlying filesystem type.

A suggestion is to force the block size to 4KB (has to be done during install as well), and if the problem persists, try 512 bytes. This is done by using the 'sectorsize=<bsz>' parameter to the disk configuration e.g.

 -s 4,ahci-hd,/path/to/disk.img,sectorsize=4096


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