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Dom wote:
There doesn't seem to be support for CPUID 0x40000001 in bhyve either.
What is it supposed to do?

As far as I can tell it's the Hypervisor extension flags list. The lack of these extensions/optimisations might explain why your FreeBSD VM runs slow but their presence also causes the nVidia driver to refuse to run. (Can't remember where I read this, sorry)

With your change to PCI_EMUL_MEMBASE64 I can boot a CentOS VM without the "pci=nocrs" kernel option and nVidia card is assigned BARs without issue.

However, even with reapplying the changes to vmm.ko to hide/remove the 0x40000000 CPUID support and CPUID2_HV, I still have the same "RmInitAdapter failed" issue.

Allegedly[0] nVidia VM checking came in with driver version 337.88, with more checking after version 344.11. I couldn't install version 319 as it failed to build the Linux kernel module. I currently have 370.28 installed which supports both my GT610 and my GTX960.

Maybe the next thing for me to try is to replicate your tests with a FreeBSD VM.

[0] https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2266916 search for "337.88"
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