Hi, all,

I'm trying to get guest-additions to work for FreeBSD guests in FreeNAS 10.
FreeNAS 10 is built on top of RELENG_11 and uses the bhyve hypervisor.

Each VM is started with one virtio_console device like this:

bhyve [...] -s 

Yet, inside the VM guest (I tried RELENG_10_3 and RELENG_11_0):

root@icescrum:~ # kldload virtio_console                                        
vtcon0: <VirtIO Console Adapter> on virtio_pci1                                 
vtcon0: vtcon_ctrl_process_event: invalid port ID 779313518                     
vtcon0: vtcon_ctrl_port_open_event: open port 0, but does not exist

Unfortunately the byhve(8) manpage does not mention virtio_console
at all and I did not find anything detailled in the wiki or with Internet

So I simply don't know if this is a bug in the way FreeNAS uses/starts
byhve or if there is a deeper problem with the implementation in FreeBSD.

Any hints greatly appreciated,
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