> Wiadomość napisana przez Patrick M. Hausen <hau...@punkt.de> w dniu 
> 23.02.2017, o godz. 20:16:
> Some more information:
>> I'm trying to get guest-additions to work for FreeBSD guests in FreeNAS 10.
>> FreeNAS 10 is built on top of RELENG_11 and uses the bhyve hypervisor.
>> Each VM is started with one virtio_console device like this:
>> bhyve [...] -s 
>> '30,virtio-console,org.freenas.vm-tools=/var/run/containerd/dfdbb716-789f-44c3-9653-2157bdb3e76e.vmtools.sock'
>> Yet, inside the VM guest (I tried RELENG_10_3 and RELENG_11_0):
>> root@icescrum:~ # kldload virtio_console                                     
>> vtcon0: <VirtIO Console Adapter> on virtio_pci1                              
>> vtcon0: vtcon_ctrl_process_event: invalid port ID 779313518                  
>> vtcon0: vtcon_ctrl_port_open_event: open port 0, but does not exist
> When I deploy a Linux guest virtual machine on that FreeNAS system,
> bhyve is invoked in exactly the same way:
> bhyve [...] -s 
> '30,virtio-console,org.freenas.vm-tools=/var/run/containerd/b5652839-4765-4384-8cd0-90964d4b1b4f.vmtools.sock'
> (different UUID, of course).
> Yet, in Linux the virtio_console is probed correctly, a device named
> '/dev/virtio-ports/org.freenas.vm-tools' is created in the guest and the
> guest and the host can communicate.
> So the problems seems to lie not with FreeNAS but with the FreeBSD
> implementation of virtio_console(4).
> Anyone? Is this even the correct mailing list or should I address
> freebsd-emulation or something entirely different like -stable?

Hi Patrick,

virtio_console(4) driver in 10.3 and in 11.0 doesn't support named ports 
which is used by bhyve in FreeNAS 10. I'll look into backporting FreeBSD 12 
to stable/10 and stable/11.

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