On 1/3/17 1:57 pm, Steve Wills wrote:
Hi All,

Thanks to everyone who tested.
Hi I haven't tested your new tools but I needed to do the following in the previous version.
(otherwise I coudl have used a pkg..)

--- services/plugins/guestInfo/guestInfoServer.c.orig 2017-02-25 05:06:29.742875000 +0000 +++ services/plugins/guestInfo/guestInfoServer.c 2017-02-25 05:07:14.540508000 +0000
@@ -298,7 +298,7 @@

    /* Get NIC information. */
    if (!GuestInfo_GetNicInfo(&nicInfo)) {
-      g_warning("Failed to get nic info.\n");
+      //g_warning("Failed to get nic info.\n");
        * Return an empty nic info.
otherwise it spammed the log files with thousands of those messages

 Feb  6 14:17:55 vmcc331 vmsvc[766]: [ warning] [guestinfo] Failed to get nic 

vmcc331# grep "Failed to get nic info" /var/log/messages |wc -l

I've updated the patch and packages in the same location and fixed a
number of issues. Please re-test if you can.

The only remaining issue that I know of is building with libunwind
installed. If you run into an issue buidling, uninstall libunwind.
Upstream is looking at that.

This is likely the final change before I commit this, which currently I
plan to do on 3/15. So if you use it, now is your chance to test and
report issues.


On 01/19/2017 16:59, Steve Wills wrote:

I'd like anyone possible to test an updated version of
emulators/open-vm-tools{,-nox11}. I have the patch here for those who
wish to build themselves:


And for those who wish to test using packages, I've built packages with
the new version and it's deps from the quarterly ports branch here:


with sub-directories for various FreeBSD versions and archs. There's
also a script which can help you configure the repo so that you can
install using pkg, here:


Just grab the script, run it, then pkg install the open-vm-tools
package, or update it if you already have it installed. This is a bit of
a new testing method for me, so don't be surprised if there are some bumps.

I would be really nice see tests with both various versions of VMWare
ESXi, particularly ESXi 6.0 and 6.5, and also VMWare desktop products.
Any help testing would be appreciated. Even just a "worked OK for me" is

One particular note about this version, it no longer includes vmhgfs.
Instead, there's support for using fuse to share files, though I haven't
found documentation on that yet.

So, if you can try it out, please do and let me know how it goes.


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