Bez├╝glich Steve Wills's Nachricht vom 01.03.2017 06:57 (localtime):
> Hi All,
> Thanks to everyone who tested.
> I've updated the patch and packages in the same location and fixed a
> number of issues. Please re-test if you can.
> The only remaining issue that I know of is building with libunwind
> installed. If you run into an issue buidling, uninstall libunwind.
> Upstream is looking at that.
> This is likely the final change before I commit this, which currently I
> plan to do on 3/15. So if you use it, now is your chance to test and
> report issues.

Thanks for your work!

I'm new to open-vm-tools, until now I always took the source from the
ESXi provided iso which contains vmware-freebsd-tools.tar.gz and
compiled modules under vmware-tools-distrib/lib/modules/source/
For stable/11, there's some adoption to do, so I thought it's a good
time to try open-vm-tools.

All my guests don't have X11, so I'm only testing the no-x11 version.

vmmemctl.ko seems to work and vmtoolsd also seems to do it's job, I can
shutdown the machine and viclient reports guest's IP adderss.

I don't use vnx, I just can report that it attaches.
But there are no drivers for vmci nor pvscsi in open-vm-tools also, right?

What's vmblock.ko providing?



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