Yep, and that's also why bhyve is getting killed instead of paging out. For 
some inexplicable reason, chyves defaulted to setting -S on new VMs. That has 
the effect of wiring in the max amount of memory for each guest at startup.

I changed the bargs option to "-A -H -P" instead of "-A -H -P -S". Memory 
pressure is greatly alleviated upon restart. I'm going to do more testing, but 
I suspect this will fix my problem. Take this as a PSA for chyves users.

        - .Dustin

> On Dec 1, 2017, at 11:56 AM, Peter Grehan <> wrote:
> The -S flag to bhyve wires guest memory so it won't be swapped out.
> later,
> Peter.

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