Hi Mario,

I'm trying to passthrough a firewire pci card to a windows 7 64 guest.

First, you'll need to verify if that card supports MSI or MSI-x since that is required by bhyve for passthru support. This can be seen with 'pciconf -lbc' on the FreeBSD host.

VM exits with:

Assertion failed: (mr->name == memp->name), function
unregister_mem, file /usr/src/usr.sbin/bhyve/mem.c, line 265.
Abort trap

This is bug in bhyve when running Windows with PCI devices that have more than 1 memory BAR (e.g. Intel igb ethernet devices), due to the order that Windows determines BAR sizes. I've been meaning to fix this for a long time so will try and get to it.


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