> > I would like to ask that if people can test this and provide
> > feedback that they do so.
>   And as mentioned in the review, I'd also like to see your Windows 
> desktop guest test results with this change.

I do not run any windows in bhyve as bhyve can not run the
windows I use due to missing/broken ATA support.
The person I was helping with bhyve windows regression tests has
become unavaliable.

> > If I can get some significant test results back I plan to commit
> > D9930 to ^head and merge it back to stable/11 3 days later.
>   Standard MFC time is 3 weeks.

Can you point to this some place?  My understanding is that
MFC is at the discretion of the committer, and the only
thing the big list of rules says:

        6. Changes go to FreeBSD-CURRENT before FreeBSD-STABLE unless
        specifically permitted by the release engineer or unless they
        are not applicable to FreeBSD-CURRENT. Any non-trivial or
        non-urgent change which is applicable should also be allowed
        to sit in FreeBSD-CURRENT for at least 3 days before merging
        so that it can be given sufficient testing.

I am making a wide call for testing, above and beyond the
normal process already.  I am also about to pull this back
to my own 11.1 systems to ensure that I spot any merge
problems and if need be attach an 11.1 and 11/stable patch
to the diffential.

There is also a call for testing going out at byhvecon,
and there has already been a year to test on this,
though perhaps not in final form, at least in functional

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