And as mentioned in the review, I'd also like to see your Windows
desktop guest test results with this change.

I do not run any windows in bhyve as bhyve can not run the
windows I use due to missing/broken ATA support.
The person I was helping with bhyve windows regression tests has
become unavaliable.

I'm staggered by this. The *only reason* for having this change is to get past the 1/2 socket limitation when running Windows desktop guests. It has no impact on any other guests, whatsoever.

You can easily download an eval of Windows 10 to try this out with. You do not (and have never) required ATA support to run Windows on bhyve.

   Standard MFC time is 3 weeks.

Can you point to this some place?  My understanding is that
MFC is at the discretion of the committer, and the only
thing the big list of rules says:

This is project culture, which you should have seen observing MFC times for commits.

And why the rush ? I'm yet to understand what the urgency for this work is ? Who is demanding it ?


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