On 3/6/2018 2:42 PM, Peter Grehan wrote:
>>     Would virtualbox do this too (send a lot of IPIs)? I first noticed
>> the
>> lockups using it and not bhyve.  I have been using bhyve now as its
>> easier to script the lockups etc.
>  Yes it would. Hmmm, this makes it even more mysterious.
>  I'll go and have a look a the FreeBSD interface code for VBox to see if
> anything stands out in the way it uses IPIs.
>  It doesn't use the optimized i/f that bhyve uses, so this points to it
> being a more general problem.

Hi Peter,
        I have been stress testing the box without any hypervisor software
loaded and all seems pretty stable.  I left parallel buildworlds running
along with a few background jobs of dd if=/dev/urandom count=10000 |
sha256 randomly running in the background for 24hrs. I am now running
the buildworlds along with maxing out the network card with
bidirectional traffic. Its been up for 6days without issue.

Any other thoughts / tests I can do to try and help narrow down this
issue ?


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