On 23 October 2012 03:31, Johann Hugo <jh...@meraka.csir.co.za> wrote:

>> Also - the WME parameters aren't parsed either, leading to your
>> observation about performance drops between 7x and 8.x.

> I'm ready to test any upgrades :-)

Well, I was more hoping that someone else would be interested in
tackling this particular issue. It's a general stack issue affecting
all ibss 802.11 behaviour, not just ath(4) and 802.11n.

I _think_ I'm starting to understand how the adhoc node stuff works
(ie, it's faking nodes through beacon discovery, rather than having
actual association exchanged between them) but it's not clear exactly
where to slice in the missing stuff.

I also had no end of trouble trying to statically configure an 11a or
11na channel on an IBSS node. 11bgn channels are fine.

I'd really appreciate someone stepping in here. I'm trying to finish
off the power save queue handling changes and then move to finishing
correcting the ps-poll support. Then I have the whole TX and RX data
and control path to jiggle around to make things (more) predictable
and better behaved. I really don't want to stray from this. :-)

Do I have to promise free hardware and t-shirts? :-)

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