On Sat, 5 Jan 2013, Frank Mayhar wrote:

Seeing as the Intel Ultimate-N 6300 that's in my new Dell doesn't work
in 9-stable (see related email here), I'm looking for a card that _does_
work.  Can anyone recommend a decent 11a/g/n card that works well?  At
least for 11a and 11g, I realize that 11n is still under heavy
development, thanks, Adrian!  It obviously needs to be a mini-pcie card.

Careful, there are two sizes of mini-PCIe cards, full- and half-, and between one and three antenna connections.

Another important consideration is that Lenovo and HP machines have BIOS whitelists that only allow certain cards to work.

Suggestions greatly appreciated.  Links even more appreciated. :-)

There's a page on the wiki with Atheros hardware support, but the wiki is down right now.
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