.. so there's no _specific_ code being run when it goes to sleep or
comes back from sleep for the 11n PCI NICs (AR5416, AR9160, AR9220,
AR9227..) .. there's some code to tinker with the internal reset
line(s) that force the hardware to re-initialise, but that's not
appropriate for you.

The problem here is:

* it probe/attches fine;
* you go to sleep;
* you come back from sleep;
* the PCI registers seem to be all 0xffffffff; which means the slot or
the card is entirely asleep.

So it's not something I can do when the NIC comes back - there's
likely something that needs to happen to the PCI interface inside the
AR9220 before you put the chip to sleep. And I don't (yet) have
anything like that in the driver(s) that I've seen internally.

But we need to first eliminate that it's the specific slot in
question.. does Linux work right?

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