On Fri, Jan 11, 2013 at 02:19:38PM -0800, Adrian Chadd wrote:

> .. so there's no _specific_ code being run when it goes to sleep or
> comes back from sleep for the 11n PCI NICs (AR5416, AR9160, AR9220,
> AR9227..) .. there's some code to tinker with the internal reset
> line(s) that force the hardware to re-initialise, but that's not
> appropriate for you.
> The problem here is:
> * it probe/attches fine;
> * you go to sleep;
> * you come back from sleep;
> * the PCI registers seem to be all 0xffffffff; which means the slot or
> the card is entirely asleep.


> So it's not something I can do when the NIC comes back - there's
> likely something that needs to happen to the PCI interface inside the
> AR9220 before you put the chip to sleep. And I don't (yet) have
> anything like that in the driver(s) that I've seen internally.

May be need to do something in firmware code?

> But we need to first eliminate that it's the specific slot in
> question.. does Linux work right?

I can't try linux -- no space to install.
Now I try Windows XP and under windows don't work after resume also,
strange. But I don't sure about rigth driver -- card vendor is TP-Link,
driver is just atheros driver.

Before installed this card in this slot was installed intel wifi, need to test
with intel card and windows?
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