On 1 April 2013 08:44, Raphael Kubo da Costa <rak...@freebsd.org> wrote:
> Adrian Chadd <adr...@freebsd.org> writes:
>> Please reboot with 4GB of RAM configured.
>> See if that fixes it.
> Indeed, booting with hw.physmem="4G" makes the connection much more
> reliable -- I do see some of those warnings in the beginning, but they
> go away after the connection is established.

Yup. Those warnings are fine. I need to trace that down and fix it but
it's fine if it happens only whilst scanning.

> My gut feeling is that the average connection speed is still below the
> one I get when I use my WLAN->Ethernet adapter, but I haven't done any
> precise measurements to back that up.

It's still a work in progress! WHat's the signal strength? (ifconfig
wlan0 list sta gives that to you.)

> On a side note: this card is also supposed to provide Bluetooth support,
> right? Is any of your work going to help with that as well?

Well, bluetooth support will work:

* when ath3kfw is patched to include the ability to select an
arbitrary USB device id;
* when we include the updated ath3k firmware images in the base system.

I have the relevant NICs here (AR9462+BT, AR9485+BT) but I haven't yet
sat down and tested the bluetooth side. Mostly because I want to focus
on wifi, not bluetooth.

I haven't yet sat down and figured out the bluetooth coexistence thing
yet either. The code is in there, it's just not enabled. So if you
load the firmware it'll bring up bluetooth but it and 2GHz wifi will

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