Hi all,

After months of tinkering with it on the side, I finally gave in and
finished the per-packet TPC (transmit power control) support. This
allows the rate control and net80211 stack code to change the target
TX power dynamically per node, rather than having a global TX power

So now it works on the AR5212 era NICs and the 802.11n era NICs.

If you want to test it out, just do 'sysctl dev.ath.X.tpc=1' before
you configure and bring up any VAPs. It doesn't work if you do it
whilst things are live.

I've also tidied up the rate control setup code a little. Now instead
of duplicating a bunch of work, it sets up the rate control
information array in one place, then uses that when setting up the TX
descriptor for transmission. This will help in the eventual migration
of the rate control code to net80211 (as now that's the one routine
that needs to be called to finish all the rate control setup) and I've
done a little testing, but it could do with more.

So TL;DR - please update to -HEAD and let me know if things change.

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