Hello, Adrian.
You wrote 16 мая 2013 г., 21:53:49:

>> AC> oh, when it drops to non-N mode, it likely did that because it failed
>> AC> to successfully transmit a BAR frame to the receiver.
>> AC> can you provide me the whole log? I'll go see what's going on.
>>  Attached. But I cannot say at which moment it drops to non-N mode now
>>  :(
AC> Ok. Update to the latest -HEAD again and retry. I've fixed debugging
AC> to be a little clearer (to me, at least.)
 Bad news: at this series of tests I didn't get N rates at all, and
 got station deassociation again. Twice. It seems, that it depends on
 HT/aggregation negotiation.

 Log attached. Log contains two series of tests:

 (1) Only debug was set to 0x9<zeroes>20 value (see "sysctl" call)
     Result: non-N rates, deassociation, automatic re-association in 30
     seconds without my intervention.

 (2) Additional "wlandebug +crypto +assoc +state" was called.
     Result: the same.

 You could see "borders" of tests by "sudo" calls.

 Notebook was on AC power.

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