Hello, Adrian.
You wrote 1 июля 2013 г., 1:00:49:

AC> Certification isn't our problem. That's a manufacturer problem.

AC> _THEY_ have to certify the device anyway. Regardless of whether we
AC> have the stack certified.
  I don't know WiFi Alliance rules, but when I participated in project,
  which included custom MasterCard/Visa terminal, PCI/DSS certification was
  much more simple and more straightforward in case, when device was based
  on certified platform (Certified ARM CPU + certified crypto library
  specific to this ARM chip). A whole bunch of certification steps was
  skipped by showing that we use certified platform. So, it was competitive
  advantage of provider of this platform :)

  But, may be, it is not a case in case of WiFi certification, I don't know.
  And anyway, we are far from this now :) It is too early to worry about
  certification, you are right.

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