On 18 July 2013 09:04, Petar Bogdanovic <pe...@smokva.net> wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 18, 2013 at 08:59:29AM -0700, Adrian Chadd wrote:
>> I think I fixed this in -HEAD.
> Uh-oh, great!  Will that change reach a stable release anytime soon?

When 10.0 is stable, yup. :)

> And--out of naive curiosity--what was the problem?

The ath driver before 11n support went in would just fill the hardware
TX queue with frames. There's no per-station queue or any kind of fair
queuing. So if you fill the TX queue in the driver with frames to a
far away station, it'll block all frames to other stations whilst
they're transmitted and retransmitted.

When I introduced 11n support, I added per-station and
per-traffic-class queues in the driver as part of A-MPDU support. I
software queue almost everything first and then schedule frames to the
hardware from these software queued frames. This has the side effect
of making it fairer between multiple stations, especially if one of
them is far away. It will only schedule a small number of frames to
each station before going to another station, rather than possibly
being backed up with 128 frames just to a single destination.

Now, it's likely there's more work that can be done to improve that
behaviour with slow, far away clients. The framework is there in
-HEAD. I've just not sat down and made it work. So if you update to
-HEAD and you still have problems, we can tweak things and experiment.
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