It's almost GENERIC kernel with very slight differences related to network 
(firewall, ipsec).
Therefore, yes, I did.

device          ath             # Atheros NICs
device          ath_pci         # Atheros pci/cardbus glue
device          ath_hal         # pci/cardbus chip support
options         AH_SUPPORT_AR5416       # enable AR5416 tx/rx descriptors
options         AH_AR5416_INTERRUPT_MITIGATION  # AR5416 interrupt mitigation
options         ATH_ENABLE_11N  # Enable 802.11n support for AR5416 and later
device          ath_rate_sample # SampleRate tx rate control for ath

>Did you add the interrupt mitigation option (I think it's
>AH_AR5416_INTERRUPT_MITIGATION) in your kernel?

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