Feedback time!

This is a good starting point! There's not a lot here yet, which is
good. I didn't expect there to be!

* Why do you have IEEE80211_RATECTL_OPT_MULTXCHAIN ?
* The reason why I check both the vap/ic and the node bits for HT
capabilities is that they're negotiated. The node bits are what the
remote peer supports. The vap/ic bits are what the local device/vap
supports. So, if the remote node supports STBC and the local node
doesn't, we shouldn't try transmitting short-GI.
* In ieee80211_ratectl_complete_rcflags(), enabling RTS/CTS but not
transmitting an 11n rate isn't "right." The 11n hardware supports
per-rate RTS/CTS for non-HT rates. You have to ensure that works.
You've added a capability bit for this (IEEE80211_RATECTL_OPT_MRRPROT)
so you should use it.
* the new rate field "options" should be "ir_options", like how the
rest of the fields are prefixed with ir_
* .. and, nitpicking, it should be "ir_capabilities".

But this is a good starting point. Let's tidy this stuff up and then
start work on on porting over ath_rate_sample into net80211.

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