'wikidevi.com' is the answer to all questions. Many thanks!

Wonder if there is a link to 'wikidevi.com' on the FreeBSD WLAN driver project 


> Date: Mon, 7 Oct 2013 14:10:37 -0600
> From: wbl...@wonkity.com
> To: sbre...@hotmail.com
> CC: freebsd-wireless@freebsd.org
> Subject: RE: WLAN PCIe HW recommendation for 8.1
> On Mon, 7 Oct 2013, sbre...@hotmail.com wrote:
>> I found it cumbersome to map Atheros chipsets to PCIe cards, most of
>> the time this info is hidden from the adapters data sheet. I must be
>> completely on the wrong way. I would expect 10 min. to pick a PCIe
>> WLAN card from the Freebsd HW notes, order it, plug it in, configure
>> and enjoy. Like with LAN cards, hard disks etc. What do I do wrong?
> A search at wikidevi.com for "atheros pcie" finds a few PCIe cards, and
> a bunch of mini-PCIe cards. There might be a better search term to show
> just desktop-type PCIe.
> There are adapter cards to put a mini-PCIe card in a PCIe slot, which
> provides more versatility.                                      
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