Hi all,

The initial AR934x support is now in the tree.

The basics:

* the basic hacks needed to bring up mips74k support is now in the tree;
* I've added MIPS bus space barriers to things;
* on-board wifi works;
* slow UART works (ie, rs232 console);
* on-chip switch support works (but no VLAN support - see below);
* on-chip USB probes/attaches fine;
* ethernet seems to work fine.

It passes packets and such!

What I haven't yet done (and I'll accept patches!)

* the fast UART code from the AR933x should work for the fast UART port but
I haven't yet tested it!

* I haven't tried USB yet!

* taught the arswitch code about the VLAN registers for the AR934x on-chip

* taught the ath(4) driver to use the bus space barrier stuff. So the wifi
is likely going to be angry at us for a while.

* There's no support for the newer switch chips (AR8327 in particular.)

* NAND, I2S support, etc.


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