> The AR9271 is a USB-connected AR9285, for all intents and purposes.

> So it would use ath(4), if ath(4) had the required USB glue.

> Sorry.

> -adrian

NetBSD-current seems to support AR9271, so maybe the required USB glue is not 
too far away?

I haven't set it up yet, so can't see if it really works.

So far, I use NetBSD-current amd64 with subversion built from pkgsrc to 
checkout and update FreeBSD source tree.

NetBSD-current amd64 works with Realtek 8111E Ethernet on MSI Z77 MPOWER 
motherboard, while FreeBSD fails to connect.

Otherwise, I can try to set up wifi through rsu or ndis, or see if ndis can 
work with Realtek 8111E Ethernet.


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