Thomas Mueller wrote:
The later driver model isn't supported by ndisulator. We'd have to
implement all the newer NDIS stuff for wifi and ethernet.
In the later NDIS layer the Microsoft Wireless Services implement a bunch
of stuff that used to be up to the driver. Ie, the driver just exposed an
ethernet "device" with some extra bits for wifi. Ie, the whole stack runs
in the driver. That has changed.

This is why I'd rather us bite the bullet now and deprecate it, versus have
it in there and put in the work to upgrade it to handle NDIS 6.x drivers
with the Microsoft wireless extensions stuff.
How much extra work would there be to update the ndis(ulator/wrapper)?

Would it be more than writing native FreeBSD drivers which might be ported
from NetBSD, OpenBSD and Linux?

What about cases where specifications might be a trade secret?

How difficult is it to port or write a wifi or Ethernet driver for FreeBSD?

I have no experience writing device drivers but have some experience with C and 

I notice NetBSD and OpenBSD have drivers for some chips that FreeBSD lacks.

I have motherboard (MSI Z77 MPOWER) with Realtek 8111E Ethernet that fails to
connect in FreeBSD or OpenBSD, OK with NetBSD-current and Linux, and
Atheros AR9271 onboard wifi: device athn is included in NetBSD (current only)
and OpenBSD.

No offence, but you have mentioned several times that Realtek 8111E Ethernet
and athn(4) do not work on FreeBSD, just wondering why you don't sit down
and start coding then all your questions will be answered.


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