> The later driver model isn't supported by ndisulator. We'd have to
> implement all the newer NDIS stuff for wifi and ethernet.
> In the later NDIS layer the Microsoft Wireless Services implement a bunch
> of stuff that used to be up to the driver. Ie, the driver just exposed an
> ethernet "device" with some extra bits for wifi. Ie, the whole stack runs
> in the driver. That has changed.

> This is why I'd rather us bite the bullet now and deprecate it, versus have
> it in there and put in the work to upgrade it to handle NDIS 6.x drivers
> with the Microsoft wireless extensions stuff.


> -adrian

How much extra work would there be to update the ndis(ulator/wrapper)?

Would it be more than writing native FreeBSD drivers which might be ported 
from NetBSD, OpenBSD and Linux?

What about cases where specifications might be a trade secret?

How difficult is it to port or write a wifi or Ethernet driver for FreeBSD?

I have no experience writing device drivers but have some experience with C and 

I notice NetBSD and OpenBSD have drivers for some chips that FreeBSD lacks.

I have motherboard (MSI Z77 MPOWER) with Realtek 8111E Ethernet that fails to
connect in FreeBSD or OpenBSD, OK with NetBSD-current and Linux, and
Atheros AR9271 onboard wifi: device athn is included in NetBSD (current only)
and OpenBSD.


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