There was a bug filed about 7 months ago, with iwi crashing under heavy
usage.  I am also hitting this bug under 10-stable.

Things that trigger the bug are heavy two-way usage, such as
bittorrent/aria2c and X11-forwarding over my LAN.


The original reporter had this bug under 10.0-RELEASE, and I was under

Took several reboots (and quite a bit of $HOME corruption as well) to track
down a semi-reliable way to reproduce the bug.

It does not always trigger a kernel panic, but iwi will always die with
"iwi0: Firmware Error" and usually, attempting to restart netif will cause
the panic.  Even restarting netif will not bring the system back.

I've got a urtw0 usb dongle that I can sometimes get to work after the iwi0
goes belly up, but not always....   (and for the record, I had tons of
trouble with urtw0 back in 9-current, and it was -never- made stable for

With that said, however, iwi0 seems to be perfectly stable under OpenBSD
and various Linux distros, which makes me wonder if A) do we need a
different firmware version? or B) is there a problem with our
implementation of the driver?

I'm happy to provide as much more information as I can (I'm currently not
running FreeBSD on this machine, but that is easily, and quickly remedied
if anyone wants to attempt a fix with me)

Chuck Burns
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