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> > I propose the following: create a wiki with a list of known working
> > wireless products. Each product should note which chipset it uses, what
> > driver it connects to, what features are suported (i.e. HOSTAP), what
> > FreeBSD versions are supported, whether it is open source / binary blob,
> > any license requirements (like Realtek) and a dmesg snippet where the
> > driver is detected. It can be managed by a maintainer that accepts email
> > reports from users who provide the required information. That way, we get a
> > list of hardware that is known to work with FreeBSD that people can
> > actually buy. Even a NewEgg-link or something to that effect can be
> > provided.
> >
> > This website was a lot of help to me in figuring out what chipset a
> > wireless product uses: https://wikidevi.com/wiki/Main_Page
> > I propose something simpler for FreeBSD; just a single wiki page that
> > lists products that either work or do not work.

I fully agree with that we need more structured documentation about what
is working, in which versions and with which details. I'm editing in the
FreeBSD Wiki the webcam compatibility list and I know that editing Wiki
pages can be a mess and is not what every user who got something to
work, or to know, is wanting to do. What we do need is somekind of
database with a webform by which everybody could insert (or even edit)
exsisting data, ofc with somekind of creation of account and an anti-SPAM
capcha. Without this, the data actualization depends on the time and
availibility of the maintainer(s) of the page and information tends to be



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