On 09/07/14 08:28, Adrian Chadd wrote:
On 7 September 2014 08:09, Nathan Whitehorn <nwhiteh...@freebsd.org> wrote:
I've been having some issues with connection stability in urtwn for several
months. The usual symptom is that after some period of time the connection
will apparently stall. If I'm running ping continuously, for instance, it
will at some point stop receiving replies. Then, sometime later, immediately
if I use the "reassociate" command in wpa_cli, the connection will fix
itself and all the packets I didn't get earlier get delivered at once:
hundreds of ping replies, for instance, some with time stamps minutes in the
past. No data is actually lost, though.

I think the issue is that the driver does not actually support powersave
mode (maybe it should?) but reports to the AP that it does:

ifconfig wlan0 list sta (this is on the AP)
80:1f:02:cc:47:a9    1   11  11M  8.5    0   5526  55712 EPS AE      RSN

I don't know enough about wireless to fix this, but the AP waiting for a
powersave poll and never getting one seems consistent with the problem. Is
there a simple way just to disable advertising this?
When it next stalls, check ifconfig wlan0 and ifconfig urtwn0 - see if
OACTIVE is set.

I know iwn and ath had problems in the past where OACTIVE handling was
plain broken (wasn't behind locks) and in an SMP, preemptive world
things got gunked up.

OACTIVE is not set when it stalls. It also appears that only the RX path is stalled: transmitted packets make it, at least some of the time, to their destination when this happens.
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