the "Needs MFC" status is subject to be removed in a few weeks and
will be replaced by the newly added flags "mfc-stable8", "mfc-stable9"
and "mfc-stable10".

We would like you to convert the bugs with the status "Needs MFC", that
are currently assigned to you, to those new flags and to set the bug
to "In Discussion".

Please set only those flags to "?", for which a MFC is still required.
If a MFC already took place for a stable branch, set the flag to "+".
If a MFC will not be done for a stable branch, set the flag to "-".

All bugs, which are not converted within the next 14 days (until the 5th
of November), will be converted by bugmeister, requesting a MFC for all
branches, unknowingly, if that may be correct or not.

Thanks for your help

on behalf of bugmeister

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